To ensure all users' great experience on this wiki, the Staff Team is kindly reminding you that you have to follow some rules and guidelines. Please read on. Thank you for your co-operation.


The Staff Team.


  1. Do not use any form of swearing, such as the F-Bomb.
    1. However, censored swearing is allowed out of roleplay, and not directed at any user.
    2. The use of rude Warriors exclamations such as 'fox-dung' can be used without restrictions.
  2. Respect all members of this wiki, no matter their gender orientation, sexuality, race, gender and opinions.
  3. Do not bring drama from other wikis over to this one; that's the other wikis' business.
    1. Avoid creating drama on this wiki. We're on here to roleplay, not to yell at each other.
  4. Please do not reply to threads or discussions that are over 250 posts or over 6 months old. We suggest you to start a new discussion for your Clan or Group after it has reached the limit of posts.
  5. Please reduce your use of Caps Lock. YOU DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO YELL AT YOU LIKE THIS, AMIRITE?
  6. Live Chat! is used for friendly conversations and live discussions for Roleplays and this Wiki. Live RP is allowed.
    1. Non-Warriors RPs are most definitely allowed.
  7. LGBT characters are not only allowed, but encouraged. Don't feel afraid to create cats in the minorities!
  8. Don't advertise other wikis on discussions.
    1. However, it is allowed on Live Chat!.
  9. Blogs can be posted at most 4 per month, if not about the Wiki.
  10. If you are inactive for over 2 months without prior notice, your roles can be roleplayed by admins, and they would most likely be killed off or be missing.
    1. You can always claim your character after you come back.
  11. Please keep this children friendly, which means no 18+ content, such as pornography and intense gore.
    1. If you must roleplay with above content, PM on Live Chat! and some instant messengers are allowed. Admins cannot check or moderate those areas. Please make sure your partner is over the age of 18 and willing to RP.