You wander. You walk. You travel. You arrive. You see multiple cats coming in your direction, the scent of wariness drifting to your nose. A she-cat steps forward, her pure golden pelt shining under the dappled sunlight, filtered by the large canopy of leaves in the forest. Her green eyes are bright. A few other cats- a brown tabby, a tortoiseshell and a black tabby- are snarling at you. The tortoiseshell appears calm. The air is filled with tension until the golden cat speaks up. 'Who are you? Why are you here?'

'I am lost. I am supposed to find FrostClan.'

'Then you have arrived, dear traveler. I am Goldenheather, a fellow hunter. Please follow me as we venture into the depths of this land, to the core of our territory...'

Welcome to FrostClan territory! I am your tour guide, Lyrics. Cats easily adapt to FrostClan, due to the different territorial areas. Of course, we are most famous for our Snowy Mountains, in which the main camp is located. What? You're asking about the other camps? No, we only use the main camp. The other camps are either abandoned or used as a war shelter. Those camps have a small amount of herbs for the medicine cats and the cats that are wounded.

Each cat, before they get apprenticed, has to attempt to pass a fitness test. They have to climb up the tallest Snowy Mountain in a day's time. Sunrise to moonhigh. Those who succeed are usually the ones that are chosen to be the Fighters or the Hunters. These cats need immense strength and perseverance to be able to do their job! Well, I'm not saying that a cat cannot be either if they do not pass the test, they just have to work extra hard to be able to achieve the standard strength level. Don't fret, most cats are not able to finish the test! It is expected that a cat will be able to finish at least half of the test though. When I was attempting the test I could only climb about a quarter of the mountain. I chose to be a Swimmer, and now my strength level is above standards! You just have to choose the right branch for yourself, y'know, go for what your gut tells you to, not your mind. Your gut often tells you what you really want.

Well, now that you've seen the Snowy Mountains, let's move over to the nearest territorial area- the Windswept Moors. Prey is always plentiful in FrostClan, so we do not really need an extra stretch of these moors, but they're really good for hunter training. Rabbits tunnel under these moors, and our tunnelers train in those tunnels too! Well, here's an overview of the lands. Now let's move on to the Dappled Forest. The woods are fairly large, but the most elite hunters could track down a mice from the other side of the forest. Those hunters are usually the ones which mentor the young apprentices who have chosen the path of a hunter.

Well, I do not recommend going to the Shady Pines just yet, because some hunters have scented fox nearby, and Snowstar has banned any cat except for the patrol fighters from going near the Pines anyway. If we move to our left, we would come to the Crystal Lakes, where Swimmers learn. The streams and rivers are nearby too, but let's not go there. You seem very exhausted already! Let's go back to our camp now. So, here- right! Here's the Valley. This place is full of valuable herbs such as sapphire weed, the only known cure for blackcough. And now we take a turn, and here we go! This is the FrostClan camp. I wish you an enjoyable time while you stay here. I'll see you soon! I have to go attend a swimmers' patrol now! Goodbye!

Hello, dear guest! My name is Snowstar. I guess most cats are busy now, so I believe it is my job to tell you different occupations in FrostClan.

Us FrostClan cats take pride in being the best Clan within the territory. NightClan is... I guess, fine, EagleClan is okay, too, but the Mist Group? Eugh. They're just jealous of our territory! Because of possible intruders, we update our scent markers at least twice a moon to keep them very strong.

Well, back onto the topic! We have 3 main parts in FrostClan- The Warriors, The Medicine Cats and The Queens. The Warriors have quite a few branches- Swimmers, Hunters, Fighters, Repairers, Tunnelers and Tree Climbers; whereas The Medicine Cats have The Prophets, The Wound Healer, The Sickness Healer and The Queen Healer. Speaking of the Queens, we have Full-Time queens and Warrior Queens.

Each apprentice will be assigned to a mentor, as usual, and they will first receive 2 months of basic training, which means the most basic areas of each occupation. Then the apprentices have to choose their occupation after the basic training. The mentors would recommend the occupation to them, but they have the final choice. Then, normal Warrior branches will receive 4 months of specified training. Female apprentices will receive 3 more days of queen training, alongside the queens. Medicine cats, however, have a total of 6 months of training.

So there you go, the FrostClan structure. I have better things to do now! Goodbye, dear guest.

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Snowstar - Nighty

Deputy: OPEN

Medicine Cats:

Roseleaf | Female | 23 Moons | Wound Healer

Roseleaf is a fawn she-cat with brown dapples on her back. She



Lyrics (Swimmer) - RPed by Lyrix

Songfire (Fighter) - RPed by Lyrix

Goldenheather(Hunter) - RPed by Goldie



Poppyflower (Full-Time) - RPed by Lyrix

Goldenheather (Warrior Queen) - RPed by Goldie






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