Eagleclan is a clan that has two sets of warriors: Tree-jumpers and ground-hunters. They live a huge forest full of oak, pine, birch, spruce trees you name it their there their camp is in the middle of their terriotry in a giant clump of trees with branches that are so close together they can hold dog weight there are stick and twig weaved in as well just for extra support. They live in a place full of birds meaning it's their main prey, these cats biggest weakness is swimming.

Leader: Fallenstar (Flameheart2004)- a grey she-cat with white stripes down ehr back a scar from her shoulder to her flank and bright yellow eyes.

Deputy: Fernsky (LyricsThatSing) - cream tabby she-cat with vibrant blue eyes and a broken tail

Medicine cat: (open)

Tree jumpers: Shadefang (Nighty) - Light gray tom with dark gray splotches and periwinkle eyes.


Apprentices: (open )

Queens: (open)

Elders: (open)