The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest is not exactly a Clan. It consists of trainees, the leaders and the warriors. They do not live by rules. Currently, they have 3 stable camps- one near RiverClan, one near ShadowClan and another one in the Dark Forest.


Currently, the cats that live near the Clan camps will kit-raid. It is allowed in this roleplay, and the Clans are at war with the rising Dark Forest. WindClan is plotting to take over ShadowClan, and ThunderClan is against RiverClan. The four Clans are not available separately, so the affilations and allegiances will be placed here.

Ruthless training is allowed. Again, the Warrior code is to be looked down upon, and we break rules.

Dark Forest Allegiances


Bloodstar - dark brown tabby tom with a bloodshot eye




Songlight - blue-gray she-cat with violet eyes and a white paw (RPed by Lyrix)

Artemis- gray she-cat with periwinkle eyes and sharp teeth (RPed by Lyrix)

Dark Forest Allegiances